"Dondi" - All songs written, performed and produced by "Dondi."

            An artist for the ages!!! This four time Global Music Award Winner recently worked with with the son of Dionne Warwick, and veteran music producer Damon Elliott in Los Angeles. Two of these very soulful collaborations appear on his newly released third commercial album, "Don't call me junior." 

  At the age of eight, Dr. Carlton Lake, of The Philadelphia Music Academy, recruited Dondi to sing with his world famous boys choir. He traveled to England, Paris and Wales with this group and competed for the title of "Worlds Best Boys Choir". Later on he attended "Philadelphia High School for the Performing Arts, where he studied vocal music. composition and music theory. During that time he was also a member of  Philadelphia's All City Chorus.

                     Dondi is currently  the long time frontman for Philadelphia's premier horn band, "JellyRoll" and a member of "The Recording Academy". After nineteen years at the helm of this very sought after cover, and sometimes original, twelve piece unit, he has thrown his hat in the ring as a songwriter/producer of his own works.
            As a very seasoned performer and experienced vocalist, and has worked venues from Madison Square Garden, to our nations White house. Dondi possesses an extremely strong stage presence, and the ability to put a large crowd in the palm of his hands, is legendary in and around the Philadelphia region. He had the pleasure of performing in 2018 at Pre Grammy Soiree @ B.B Kings in NYC to honor Dionne Warwick!!!

             Some of the songs you may hear here, have an unmistakable old school feel. This is his niche. It is how he hears things. Being a live performer by nature and trade, he writes and produces his songs as if they were going to be played by a live band tomorrow night, at an intimate New York night club.

             Solid melodies, and strong hooks come to him in all genres, but his real love is R&B/Soul and Adult Contemporary music of the old school variety, as talked about in one of his songs "Diggin on R&B." Very personable and easy going, and is always looking for new ideas and direction. Even though he is a prolific songwriter an producer in his own right, he loves to collaborate with other artists and/or producers.
              Song placement, song licensing and management deals are all things he's willing to consider. For now the industry dictates where and when he will break, but sooner or later his style of old school will resurface. This music will ultimately become timeless. "A good song, is a good song." he always says...














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